Associate Sara Hirshon Volunteers as Moot Court Judge for NJ LEEP 2024 Constitutional Law Debate

May 7, 2024 | by Wong Fleming

Last weekend, one of our New Jersey associates, Sara Hirshon, volunteered to serve as a moot court judge at the NJ LEEP May 4th, 2024 Constitutional Law Debate. As a volunteer, Ms. Hirshon, judged high school students in the NJ LEEP program who spent time crafting clever and thought-provoking legal arguments while orally debating substantial constitutional issues. In her role as a judge, Ms. Hirshon, had the opportunity to ask questions of the students relating to their arguments and evaluate the students on how they did.  Without question, they passed with flying colors and Ms. Hirshon was very impressed!

NJ LEEP is a college access and success program serving students and families in the greater Newark area. Their program empowers middle and high school students to perform at high academic levels by building academic and social-emotional skills, creating opportunities to develop the habits for success, and ensuring our students have exposure to the professionalism needed in college and beyond.