Wong Fleming Celebrates Juneteenth

June 19, 2024 | by Wong Fleming

Wong Fleming commemorates Juneteenth, celebrated each year on June 19th. This significant day marks the emancipation of enslaved individuals in the United States. Wong Fleming is committed to observing Juneteenth as a day of celebration and reflection and has made Juneteenth a firm-wide holiday. We strive to foster an inclusive environment that values the unique perspectives and experiences of all individuals, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, or background. We are fully committed to sustained engagement in helping end racial and economic inequity in our city, community, and industry.

📚 Juneteenth Pop Quiz! 📚

How much do you know about Juneteenth? Test your knowledge with our fun pop quiz and learn more about this important day in history.

  1. What does Juneteenth commemorate?

    1. The signing of the Declaration of Independence
    2. The end of the Civil War
    3. The emancipation of enslaved individuals in the United States
    4. The founding of the United Nations
  2. What is another name commonly used for Juneteenth?

    1. Freedom Day
    2. Emancipation Day
    3. Liberation Day
    4. All of the above
  3. Which state was the first to officially recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday?

    1. New York
    2. Texas
    3. California
    4. Georgia
  4. Who was the U.S. President when the Emancipation Proclamation was issued?

    1. Abraham Lincoln
    2. George Washington
    3. Thomas Jefferson
    4. Andrew Johnson
  5. Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution formally abolished slavery?

    1. 13th Amendment
    2. 14th Amendment
    3. 15th Amendment
    4. 16th Amendment
  6. What year did Juneteenth become a federal holiday in the United States?

    1. 2019
    2. 2020
    3. 2021
    4. 2022

BONUS: What color beverages are traditionally served at Juneteenth celebrations?











Answers: C, D, B, A, A, C, Red