Wong Fleming Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

November 21, 2022 | by Wong Fleming

What is Native American Heritage Month?

November has been federally recognized since 1990 in the United States as National Native American Heritage Month. This month-long observance is meant to pay homage to the important contributions of Indigenous people and celebrate and honor their diverse cultures, traditions, and histories.

We should use this as a time to set ongoing intentions to listen to and amplify Native voices, support narrative change efforts, and understand contemporary Indigenous issues and accomplishments. There have never been more resources available to learn about Indigenous culture and experiences. Around 6.6 million people in the United States, or 2% of the total population, identify as Native American or Alaska Native, either alone or in combination with another ethnic identity. We are fortunate to have Indigenous Peoples as members of our communities, workplaces, and families. It has never been a greater time to celebrate the resiliency and strength of Native Americans.

Below are some additional resources about Native American Heritage Month. 

Additional Resources

Native Narrative Change Movement
What is the Native Narrative Change Movement? Watch this short video to learn how indigenous people are attacking invisibility and stereotypes and how all of us can play a role in advancing the movement.

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Take the Challenge

ABA 21-Day Native American Heritage Equity Habit Building Challenge © Join this guided challenge with short daily assignments to become more aware, compassionate, constructive, engaged in the quest for equity, and to learn more about the Native American communities.

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