Wong Fleming Supports the A.M.P National Health Law Program’s Campaign to Raise Awareness of Medicaid’s Pivotal Role in Providing Health Coverage for Millions in Our Country

April is Medicaid Awareness Month.

As Ambassadors of the National Health Law Program, Wong Fleming supports the A.M.P NHeLP campaign to raise awareness of Medicaid’s pivotal role in providing health coverage for millions in our country and the National Health Law Program’s (NHeLP) role in protecting and expanding the program.

For 50 years, the National Health Law Program has been fighting to protect health rights of low-income individuals, families and underserved communities. Since 1969, NHelp has been on the front lines educating, advocating, and litigating to ensure that all people living in the United State have access to quality health care regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or income.

Your support further empowers our ability to do what we do best: Keep fighting for health rights for the people who need it the most.

For those who wish to provide assistance to NHeLP, you can click on the link below.