Dafney Dubuisson Stokes Becomes Co-Chair of Emerging Leaders Initiative at NAMWOLF

March 10, 2023 | by Wong Fleming

Wong Fleming congratulates Partner Dafney Dubuisson Stokes on her appointment as a new Co-Chair for the Emerging Leaders Initiative (”ELI”) at the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF). Ms. Stokes joins two other co-chairs of the ELI, a branch of NAMWOLF which emphasizes partnering with non-profit organizations to engage with the community and adds a philanthropic initiative for NAMWOLF at every city where they have a conference.

Ms. Stokes joins at an exciting time, as the ELI has planned a variety of activities at NAMWOLF’s upcoming Driving Diversity & Leadership Conference (DDLC). The events include one of DDLC’s most popular: the Amazing Race Around San Diego. This abbreviated version of The Amazing Race is intended to be an enjoyable and interactive experience where participants can explore the city of San Diego and interact with each other.

ELI also has planned a session dedicated to brand identity, titled The Emerging Leaders Session: “What’s Your Brand?”. The panel will provide insights on the significance of personal and professional branding, and its influence on the growth and success of lawyers in their practice.

Ms. Stokes is thrilled to be a part of ELI group’s pipeline and philanthropy efforts, which have had significant impact on the community and the career development of young attorneys. The group helps young attorneys to develop leadership skills and see the world differently. At this year’s DDLC, ELI partnered with a local school to give students the opportunity to attend some of the sessions presented by law firm members. ELI collaborated with William Dandy Middle School’s pre-law program, providing 20 students with firsthand exposure to the legal profession.

As Co-Chair of ELI, Ms. Stokes looks forward to helping advance diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and develop emerging leaders.