Government Relations




We provide federal government relations assistance to public and private clients in a wide range of areas to ensure that they receive the federal support necessary to achieve their goals. With our extensive experience and expertise in the internal workings of the White House, federal government agencies and Congress, we assist clients by:

  • Tracking legislative and regulatory developments
  • Identifying and obtaining federal appropriations and other support
  • Preparing proposals and comments on regulations
  • Interfacing with senior federal agency officials
  • Staying abreast of grants and other programs available to states and municipalities
  • Testifying and preparing clients to testify at regulatory and congressional hearings
  • Drafting legislation
  • Developing and executing legislative strategies

We take a bipartisan approach in providing services, ensuring that we maintain strong and longstanding relations with Republicans and Democrats in both the executive and legislative branches of the Federal Government. Furthermore, the need for integrated strategies to achieve a client’s goals increases proportionately to the visibility or importance of the issue. We guide clients through the federal legislative and regulatory maze providing multi-disciplinary perspective and advocacy before policy-makers throughout the Federal Government, as well as with private sector enterprises.

Whether defending against an impending executive or legislative action or working to create new government-sponsored initiatives or opportunities, we craft successful solutions tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. We have the technical expertise, experience and relationships to mobilize the many forces in our Nation’s Capital to achieve client objectives.


State, Local & Tribal Government Representation

One of our greatest strengths is our understanding of the everyday needs of state, local and tribal governments. Because of our extensive experience serving in, representing or appearing before local governments, we have developed significant expertise in all of the day-to-day aspects of local government law and administration. On behalf of our clients, we manage issues concerning the crucial daily matters encountered by every state, local, and tribal government, including public bidding, purchasing and contracting, the appropriation of funds, the levy and collection of taxes, proper exercise and use of public authority and funds, and real estate matters.

With continued urban and suburban growth, and with state and federal laws constantly changing, many of the daily matters our clients face are becoming increasingly complex. These include: massive public works projects, real estate development, historic preservation disputes, controversial accessibility requirements for the disabled, distressed real estate, affordable housing, public-private partnerships, employment issues, zoning, land use and comprehensive planning, environmental justice issues, racial profiling allegations, outsourcing, telecommunications and technology services. We have developed expertise in all of these areas and are able to guide our clients through these complex and often troublesome issues.

We are experienced in a wide range of community and economic development programs, including the Section 108 Mortgage Insurance Program, under which the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) guarantees loans made by local governments, the Community Development Block Grant (”CDBG”) Program, Empowerment Zones (“EZ”), Enterprise Communities (“EC”), Renewal Communities (“RC”), and similar state and local economic development programs. We regularly provide counsel in connection with real estate development, housing, public projects, public-private partnerships, tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations, airport financing, sports facilities, road improvements, water and wastewater projects, prisons, hospitals, retail projects and other types of facilities.

We have also served as liaison between Fortune 1000, Black Enterprise 100, Hispanic 100, Asian Enterprise 100, and tribal companies and state, local and tribal governments.

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