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Wong Fleming Represents Corporations
With A Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Practice

Wong Fleming’s Real Estate Group represents clients in all manner of real property transactions. Clients have included real estate developers, landlords, and tenants, financial institutions as lenders, private lenders, cooperatives, corporate and individual owners, purchasers and sellers. Our attorneys have advised and represented clients in a broad range of real estate transactions including: commercial, residential and cooperative sales and purchases, commercial and residential leasing, real property financing, refinancing and construction financing, landlord-tenant disputes, land use and zoning issues, mortgage foreclosures and property management issues.

Key Service Areas

  • Purchase and Sale
  • Construction
  • Complex Leasing
  • Environmental
  • Property Development
  • Due Diligence
  • Debt Management
  • Finance
  • Acquisitions
  • Redevelopment
  • Partnerships & Joint Ventures
  • Lending
  • Residential & Office Condominiums
  • Loan Workouts


Representative Matters

  • Represented a real estate developer in the purchase of a $21,000,000 commercial building to be converted into a residential condominium in an urban area. Responsibilities included assistance in identifying and negotiating a construction loan for the project.
  • Represented a real estate developer in the purchase and management of seventy-five commercial and residential properties in its portfolio valued at $40,000,000, including assisting in the financing of the entire portfolio.
  • Represented a non-profit foundation in the leasing of certain real property owned by a state university and the subsequent construction of a $50,000,000 cultural center on such property. Assisted the ground lessee in all phases of the construction including obtaining and managing an Owner Controlled Insurance Program.
  • Represented a real estate developer in the purchase of 144 acres of real property for approximately $23,000,000, and assisted client in various land use issues, environmental remediation, and development of the site.
  • Represented a real estate investor in the purchase and operation of an oil terminal facility valued at approximately $8,200,000. Responsibilities included due diligence on environmental issues, obtaining appropriate licenses and reviewing oil throughput agreements.
  • Represented a non-profit agency which managed a city owned hotel in Chapter 11 proceedings that culminated in the sale of the hotel for $6,000,000. Responsibilities included advising client about the legal process, meeting with local politicians and community leaders, and obtaining emergency financing to keep the hotel open until a court structured sale. As part of the Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan, the Bankruptcy court approved the sale of the hotel to a private owner free of all liens and claims.
  • Structured and conducted a controlled auction of commercial real estate for an automotive dealer, realizing over $22,000,000 on property originally appraised at under $10,000,000.
  • Represented a major U.S. corporation in a program to obtain land options on the Eastern Seaboard and other contiguous areas by preparing and negotiating access and exclusivity agreements to conduct environmental Phase I and II assessments.
  • Represented lender in several separate syndicated real estate loans for social investment purposes in the $10,000,000 range with developments located in New Jersey, Ohio and Louisiana.
  • Represented commercial property owners in financing and refinancing of multi-million dollar apartment buildings and commercial properties in New York City and Long Island.
  • Represented commercial tenant in New York in connection with its multi-year lease with a municipal corporation, building construction involving the issuance of industrial revenue bonds and tenant subleases, non-disturbance and attornment agreements.
  • Negotiated settlement of partner/owners in several real estate holding companies with multi-state investments including tenant nursing homes, fast food establishments and dry cleaners, among others.
  • Represented non-profit senior housing corporation with 171 apartments in the purchase and sale of municipal land for $750,000, which is the same land leased and utilized to build the senior housing complex. Responsibilities included negotiating the contract of sale and a 35-year Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreement that resulted in a huge savings.
  • Represented a federal agency in the sale of a multi-unit housing complex for $5,250,000. Responsibilities included contract negotiations, due diligence on environmental issues, compliance with local permit requirements for sale of multi-unit housing, and closing of title.


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