Alternative Dispute Resolution



Wong Fleming Represents Management in a Comprehensive Nationwide Employment Practice

Wong Fleming counsels clients on Alternative Dispute Resolution with the goal of resolving disputes outside the court system. Wong Fleming’s ADR practice allows us to offer unique services to those seeking alternative methods of resolving disputes. Our attorneys bring broad experience in matters pertaining to employment, intellectual property, construction, and insurance matters. The attorneys in our Alternative Dispute Resolution Group regularly serve as arbitrators, legal mediators and negotiators.

Our ADR practitioners are accomplished trial attorneys, and several are also formally ADR-trained and often serve as mediators and arbitrators. We use arbitration and mediation to resolve disputes involving:

Key Service Areas

  • Complex Financial Issues
  • Tax Controversies
  • Corporate Restructurings
  • Contracts and Commercial Agreements
  • Bankruptcies and Workouts
  • Business Torts
  • Securities Matters
  • Construction Claims
  • Intellectual Property Conflicts
  • Employment and Labor Matters

Representative Matters

We counsel clients on how to incorporate ADR into their everyday business practices. We work with clients to prepare contract provisions, organizational procedures and guidelines on using arbitration and mediation to settle commercial disputes and internal matters.

Linda Wong, CEO and Partner of Wong Fleming, has significant experience in this area. She has mediated several insurance matters dealing with Hurricane Sandy.
Ramina Dehkhoda-Steele, Partner in Charge at our Washington office, has been a mediator/arbitrator for about seven years. She has handled a variety of complex real estate and commercial matters.

ADR can be a large advantage over the traditional litigation process, providing efficiency and flexibility. It often saves money and speeds up the settlement process. Both parties are involved in resolving their own dispute, which can help to preserve and even strengthen long-term business relationships.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys:


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